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Enterprise Manager Base Platform - Version and later
Information in this document applies to any platform.


From the 12c Enterprise Manager Cloud Control UI, it is possible to send a Page / SMS notification to an external device, for example - a mobile phone.
This document lists the requirements and configuration that needs to be taken care of for such notifications.


  1. Enterprise Manager does not directly support message services such as paging or SMS, but instead relies on external gateways to perform the conversion from e-mail to page. You need to have such an external gateway, which can convert the email notification sent by the OMS to a Page / SMS and deliver the same to the designated Pager ID.

  2. The Pager ID to which the Page / SMS needs to be sent, should be added to the Administrator with the Email Type - Pager(short).
    Send a Test email to verify that the external gateway is able to convert the email sent by the OMS to a Page / SMS and the Pager ID is able to receive the same.

    For details, see Note 1556769.1: EM 12c, EM 13c : Details about Email (Long), Email (Short) and Pager (Short) Email Types Available for E-Mail Notifications


  1. When creating a new Administrator from Setup -> select Security -> Administrators page, it is possible to add one or more e-mail addresses separated by comma in the ‘Properties’ page. But all these Email addresses are added to the Administrator, by default, having the email Type as Email (Long) . It is not possible to specify any other Email type while creating a new Administrator or editing an existing administrator.
  2. If the Administrator already exists, then login to the 12c Console as that particular Administrator. Navigate to menu at the top right hand corner and choose ‘Enterprise Manager Password & E-mail’. Add the Pager ID in this page and select the type as Pager (short).
  1. For all the e-mail / pager addresses added while creating / updating the Administrator, a 24x7 weekly notification schedule is set automatically. In version, the 24*7 schedule is set only for the first Email address added and the schedule needs to be updated manually for the other addresses.

The Pager address should be configured in the notification schedule for that particular administrator, for the timeframe when the Page needs to be received.

  1. In the custom Incident Rule configured for receiving email / Page notifications, the Administrator should be specified in the Page Notification field. If the Administrator is mentioned only for the Email option, then the OMS will send a regular email to the pager ID instead of a Page / SMS.

    For details, refer to:
    Note 1389460.1 - EM 12c, EM 13c : Steps for Subscribing / Unsubscribing to Email or Page Notifications in the Incident Management RuleSet.
    Note 1511555.1 - EM 12c, EM 13c : Subscribing to Email From Incident Rules page Does not Send Page Notifications