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Шийдэл, Хичээлүүд булангийн талаар (1)
Oracle Database Audit (1)
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control sysman user password reset (1)
Data Guard (8)
Use Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant (EMCA) Utility (1)
Result cache (1)
Impdb, expdb , remote database (1)
Use OPatch to Install a Patch (1)
Их ачааллаж буй sql -ийг олох (1)
Гар аргаар бааз үүсгэх (create database manually) (1)
OMS linux target нэмэх, agent суулгах (1)
Physical Standby тохируулах (12)
Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13cR2 асаах (1)
RMAN file logging tips (1)
Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure 12cR2 OL7 (1)
Install Oracle 11gR2 on RedHat Linux/CentOS/Oracle Linux (6)
External table, datapump (3)
ASSM and MSSM, Row Chaining, by Example (2)
GoldenGate data replication (8)
Startup and Shutdown Steps for Oracle Database Server (5)
ERROR at line 1: ORA-14452: attempt to create, alter or drop an index on temporary table already in use (1)
Snapshot standby database (1)
WINDOWS-ooc тогтмол хугацаанд LINUX-руу файл хуулах command (1)
Сайтуудаас Сэрвэрлүүгээ зураг татах (1)
Editor, сүүлд бичсэн query засварлах (1)
Goldengate User privileges (6)
Grid Control 11g - Create and manage jobs (1)
Add target Grid Control 11g (1)
Grid Control 11g - create user (1)
Configure and manage distributed materialized views (1)